Are you in the U.S.? I do run into homeschool haters every now and then, but I can't say I've encountered much of a stigma. There's a whole generation of homeschoolers that are attending college, entering the military, and becoming entrepreneurs.

I currently homeschool 2 of my 3 kids. (Oldest attends an online public school.) It doesn't take all day to lesson plan and homeschool. Really. And I work part-time. My family has a lot more freedom than if we were tied to the school calendar.

There are lots of opportunities for your kids to be around other kids. Just playing with the neighbors, scouts, dance, karate, and art class are all activities my kids have been involved in over the years. Daily interaction with kids the *exact* same age is overrated, IMHO.

I can't tell you if homeschooling is for your family. But, I can address some of your concerns and share the practical side of managing a homeschool family. Feel free to reach out on Twitter. My DMs are open. @CassandraLynne

You might find my recent homeschool articles to be helpful. Good luck to you.

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